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Credits: Lee Everett Thiele
Credits: Lee Everett Thieler

Kallirroi Ioannidou

Lives and works in Berlin.

In her practice, Kallirroi Ioannidou confronts herself with all different levels of being and existing. She is particularly interested in psychological moments of extreme serenity, extreme gloominess and all the nuances in between. Through drawing, painting and sculpture Ioannidou translates inner feelings and perceptions into her own formal language and transfers them to the outside in alternating work phases. Through a playful approach, she positions herself to internal and external influences.

In 2018 she got the Recognition Award of the Schulz Stübner Price and in 2022 The President’s Fine Arts Award Udk


2023 – 2024
Visiting Lecturer at the University of Fine Arts Berlin

2013 – 2021
Universität der Künste Berlin, Bildende Kunst, Malerei class Prof. Mark Lammert

2006 – 2012
Spatial Planning and Development, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Grands & Awards

The President’s Udk Berlin Art Award

Schulz Stübner price – recognition award


YOU CAN’T ESCAPE YOU TEARS, Galleri Apoteket, Gotland

IT’S A SHADOW NOT A HOLE, Galerie Burster, Berlin (Soloshow)

Preis des Präsidenten der Udk Berlin für MeisterschülerInnen und Meisterschüler, Galerie Burster, Berlin (Groupshow)

More than Liquid, Teile2046, Berlin

Vague, HilbertRaum, Berlin

Bisous XX, Raum für Sichtbarkeit, Berlin

Portrait of the Brain, To Pikap kato, Thessaloniki, Greece

An Endless Curve_Art Perspectives III, Circle Culture Gallery

Exhibition of the nominees for the UdK Berlin: The President’s Fine Arts Award 2022

Degree Show/ Rundgang, Universität der Künste, Berlin
Let’s see if this works, Circus Schatzinsel, Berlin

Exhibition of the Schulz Stübner Price, Universität der Künste, Berlin

Young Positions, Galerie Pankow, Berlin
Law and Art, Galery Artis Causa, Thessaloniki, Greece
Law and Art, Galery Choros18 , Thessaloniki, Greece